Desirable Features of portable Bluray player

best portable bluray player - a buyer's guide

Desirable Features of portable blue ray playerbest portable bluray player -  a buyer's guide

We all love movies and any free time to watch the latest series is always welcome.

But the truth is that leisure is always a luxury and when you are travelling is major opportunity to catch up with box office or the latest hits in the music industry.

This comes in the form of mobile video players and the latest best choice is a portable blue ray player over the ordinary mobile DVD player.

Bluray players read content using a blue ray that has a stronger and clearer signal due to the low wavelength but higher energy blue rays compared to red wavelength. When shopping for the top rated blu ray dvd player, here’s what to look out for.

Battery life

This indicates how long the device can run on the battery before having to recharge the battery. This measurement is expressed in milliAmperehours (mAh). A suitable battery ought to provide a minimum of 3 hours when the device is being used before recharging. As a rule of thumb always check settings that affect the battery life such as illumination.

Multimedia player support

It is preferable to go for a blu-ray video player that supports a host of media sources. Subsequently the device should have USB ports, memory card slots and CD trays. In addition the  portable blu-ray gadget supports a majority of media files. Again it should also have capabilities of being upgraded either by software patches and updates to accommodate 4K media files. Another aspect to consider is whether the device allows 3D viewing.

Internet and network capabilities

Before purchasing a player it is recommended to check whether it has internet capabilities, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Devices that have such capabilities may allow the user to access media files online, play games and even stream a media file from one user to multiple users.

Uninterrupted playback

The player should have a seamless viewer experience. The controls should be easily accessible and responsive. In the event that a user encounter say interruptions during watching, the player should allow them to resume to the point where the unwarranted stoppage occurred.